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Explore the fascinating history behind the rare Roman denarius minted under Emperor Severus Alexander. Learn about his reign, his admiration for philosophy and literature, and how it is reflected in the coin's details. Click to discover this unique coin in our online shop.
Antoninus Pius Denarius: Discover a rare and beautiful antique treasure, minted under one of Rome's most beloved emperors. Learn about the obverse and reverse of coins, and the importance of collecting ancient and Roman coins.
Discover the unique treasure that is Karl XII's 2 mark coin from 1701. Learn more about its importance to Swedish history and why it is a sought-after collector's item. Visit to take part in this fantastic offer and discover the treasures of our history.
Napoleon III France 10 francs 1857. On the front of the coin we see Napoleon III's head in profile with the text "NAPOLEON III EMPEREUR". Underneath is the engraver's name, "Barre". The reverse side shows the value, 10 francs and the year of issue 1857 surrounded by a laurel wreath.
Blood clipping 4 Mark, Dukes Johan and Karl, 1568. After Erik XIV's murder of both her husband Svante Sture and her two sons in the Sture murders in 1567, Märta Leijonhufvud was awarded a compensation of 270 kg of pure silver as penance.

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