Tips on how to store coins in the best way

Tips on how to store coins in the best way

We love coins! Therefore, it is important to make sure that you take care of them and store coins in the best way possible and protect them from unnecessary wear and tear. You also want to be able to present them for display in a beautiful way, have a good order and systematic way of storing the coins, at the same time that the collection does not take up too much space.

Sometimes you may be tempted to clean or decorate coins, especially those that are a little older - don't do it! More on that at the bottom!

Protect your coins

Often we meet people who have their old coins stored rattling in plastic bags or loose in boxes. We recommend that you keep your coins in plastic capsules that protect the coin from wear. When the coins are left unprotected, they scrape against each other and scratches and nicks occur. The coin capsules also protect the coin from the oxygen in the air, which can risk affecting the coins with corrosion and oxidation.

If you take out the coins, if you want to be extra careful, you can wear coin gloves, as dirt and our natural fat on the fingers can affect the coins negatively.

Beautiful presentation

What is beautiful is of course a matter of taste, but having the coins stored in a glass cabinet, stand, or in finer boxes and cases, many people think, enhances the visual impression of the collection. You might want your finest coins in a small box of their own or on a pedestal. You can get inspiration from how museums and coin cabinets display their objects. If you have more limited space, there are nice coin boxes with pull-out compartments. With us, you always get historical information and a certificate of authenticity when you order the coins, and they are nice to have next to the coin.

Order and order

We are all different, some love to sit and sort the collection, some have a more relaxed attitude. It should never feel like a chore to keep track of which coins you have, so it's good to keep track of what you have in your collection right from the start. We at Svenska Samlarprodukter are happy to send you a list of which coins you bought from us! Storing the coins in coin folders is a space-efficient and good way to organize your coins. Many have lists on paper or in the computer of which coins they have. There you can arrange the coins by, for example, king, denomination, and year. If you have questions or want tips, don't hesitate to contact us!

Finally, to clean coins

Should you then clean coins? Many coins can look quite risky to a layman. They may have been buried in the ground or lying at the bottom of the sea or stored in a place unsuitable for coins. Some have dirt and grease stains that look dull. Unfortunately, many coin enthusiasts realize that it is a good idea to improve their coin a little with silver polish or a cloth with washing-up liquid. Do not do it!

On the one hand, you run the risk of scratching the coin. Even with a cotton ball or soft brush, you spin around small particles that scratch the coin. On the one hand, there is a risk of destroying the patina, i.e. the coin's natural historical visual identity. The larger collectors do not appreciate a shiny newly polished coin from the 16th century at all. Natural wear and staining from the ravages of time is part of the coin! So if you are not very knowledgeable yourself, or take the help of a professional, do not try to clean the coin yourself. Many trinkets have been rendered almost worthless over the years by ambitious laymen!

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