Severus Alexander – The Emperor Who Made An Imprint On History And Coins

Severus Alexander – The Emperor Who Made An Imprint On History And Coins

Severus Alexander And The Silver Denarius From 222 AD.

As we delve into the history behind the ancient coins we collect, it is often the fascinating stories of their creators that captivate our attention. One such example is the rare Roman coin, a denarius, minted under Emperor Severus Alexander.

Severus Alexander ascended to power in 222 AD at the tender age of just 13, thus becoming one of the youngest emperors in the history of the Roman Empire. Despite his young age and short reign (222-235 AD), he left a lasting legacy.

Alexander was known for his cautious and conciliatory policy, preferring diplomatic solutions over military conflicts. This approach contrasted with many of his predecessors and contemporaries, earning him a reputation as a peaceful and stabilizing force within the empire.

But it wasn't just his political actions that distinguished him. Severus Alexander was also a great admirer of philosophy and literature, which is reflected in his governing principles and the coin that we now have the pleasure to present.

The denarius we are discussing is an impressive representative of this epoch. On the obverse, there is a detailed right-facing profile image of Alexander himself, above the inscription "IMP C M AVR SEV ALEXAND AVG". This careful detailing shows the artistic craftsmanship of the time.

On the reverse, we find an image of the goddess Salus, a symbol of safety, prosperity, and well-being in Roman religion. With the inscription "SALVS PVBLICA", the coin emphasizes Alexander's commitment to the public's welfare, which was a central theme during his reign.

The denarius was minted in Rome and issued in 222 AD. It has a diameter of 17.03 - 17.81 mm and weighs 2.96g. Each detail of the coin tells a story, making it a valuable addition to any coin collection.

Severus Alexander may not have had the long and distinguished reign he perhaps deserved, but his legacy lives on through these coins. They are not just monetary units, but time capsules that take us back to a time when Roman emperors ruled the world.

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