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What are cookies and how do we use them?

Our website contains so-called cookies. Cookies are a small text file that is placed on the computer by a web server and acts as an ID card. Cookies enable the website to remember important information that makes your visit to the website more comfortable. Like most other websites, we use cookies to improve your internet experience in the following ways:

• You have logged in to the website and will thereby avoid having to log in to each new page you visit.

  • Help you keep track of which items you have added to your shopping cart.

  • Customize our services according to the user preferences you have specified.

  • Count the number of users and traffic. By understanding how the website is used, we can develop and improve it.

  • Customize our services so that you receive advertising that is relevant to you.

  • Collect and analyze behavioral data based on the use of the website and services in order to improve the user experience and also enable personalized communication and messages to the user.

There are two types of cookies and our website uses both. One type, called a Permanent Cookie, saves a file that remains on the visitor's computer. It is used, for example, to be able to adapt a website to the visitor's wishes, choices and interests, as well as for statistical monitoring. Below we have listed all the cookies, their purpose, which domain they belong to and their lifetime.

The second type is called Session Cookie. During the time a visitor is on a web page, it is temporarily stored in the memory of the visitor's computer. Session Cookies disappear when you close your browser. Our website also uses third-party cookies for, among other things, Google Analytics and possible Remarketing.

The purpose is to understand how our site is used and to be able to improve it, as well as to be able to do targeted advertising. If you do not want to receive cookies, you can change the settings for cookies in your browser, and you can also block cookies. Please note that if you block cookies, you will not be able to use all functions on our website.

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